Aerospace technology

Expertise, experience and top performanc

Reliability, top quality and the highest safety standards

Aerospace technology must – necessarily  – meet the most stringent requirements. The person responsible for such projects needs to have a level of expertise and experience well above average.

As a sought-after partner of the aerospace industry, XTENDEDENGINEERING can become involved in the development and manufacture of innovative products from the first feasibility studies to preparation of the basic concept, work on development, design, calculation and simulation, testing and validation to commissioning and acceptance. Our experienced specialists can also be relied upon to handle aspects such as project and quality management, documentation and support.


“We had originally only intended to use the specialists from XTENDED ENGINEERING – specialists of a calibre that we had been unable to find on the free market – for just six months.

We have now taken five of them on permanently – they fit extremely well into our development team and will make a significant contribution to the company’s growth.”

Karsten L. from N., HR Director